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Aloha and welcome to the Department of Geography at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa! Geography is a diverse discipline that is united by its focus on global change and local impacts on humans and the environment. The Department of Geography at UHM was founded in 1932 and is consistently ranked among the top programs in the US. The faculty has expertise across the breadth of the discipline in environmental geography, human geography, and geospatial information science, often with a focus on Asia and the Pacific. Our BA, MA, and PhD students research topics such as environmental change, sustainability, and globalization and have gone on to careers in academia, government service, NGOs, and in the private sector.

In the Galápagos, the generation of waste is directly proportional to the growth of the local population and tourism. The impact of this trash on wildlife is notable. via @Revelator_News. #pollution #plastic

Trash in the Galápagos Reveals the Dark Side of Ecotourism • The Revelator

Ecotourism brings valuable funds for conservation to the islands, but it also delivers a torrent of garbage that could damage this unique ecosystem.

Island man: survival in Panama #islands

Without addressing the root causes of migration, only corrupt government officials and traffickers are benefiting from criminalising migrants

Polar melt may shut down the Atlantic current that warms Europe. Learn more:

What about Octopus #ValueChain? #FishTrade #indianocean #SDG14

Climate change could decimate California’s major crops, and that should concern everyone

Carol Van Strum, crusader against Agent Orange, wins prestigious environmental award:

A huge swath of the US is facing massive droughts. It's only going to get worse.

The harm a @UN forest project in Africa is doing to local people is greater than the good it is managing to achieve for them

41 million Americans are at risk of experiencing a 100-year flood—not the 13 million FEMA claims—a new study says

The Sculpting of Ebro Delta #Landsat

Carnivores no more. Not your vegan friend, but predators, thanks to humans who want to end predation

The world’s largest frog can weigh up to 9 pounds—“basically the size of a human infant”—and is a coveted catch in the African bushmeat trade. As populations decline, can grassroots efforts save this goliath from extinction? 📷Cyril Ruoso

Put simply, increasing carbon in soils is an effective means of removing dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

There's a warehouse in Vanuatu filled with unusable donations left over from a devastating storm that hit the country — three years ago. Why aid groups say donating cash works best:

Agriculture drives 80% of tropical #deforestation, which means if we want to save #forests, we've got to work with farmers.

If climate change continues unchecked, fisheries production could decline by as much as 60 percent in parts of the world’s oceans in the coming centuries, according to a new study.

What better day to revisit our past exhibition, "Women in Cartography," than #InternationalWomensDay? Check out the virtual exhibition to see maps like this one of South America, created by student Louisa Pinchon in 1880.

Today we'd like to recognize women's vital contributions to Wildlife Conservation.. Discover their stories here: #InternationalWomensDay #WomensHistoryMonth
Photo of Mollie Beattie, first female director of @USFWS: Credit USFWS

Art and words from @oneoceanglobal ambassador Mackenna Cady: "Single-use plastic is one of the biggest threats to the Earth today. Millions of single-use bottles, straws, cups, bags, utensils, etc are used ONE TIME and then thrown away EVERY DAY"

Restoring forest landscapes can help to reduce #gender gaps. But how is it done? IUCN expert Jackie Siles explains in advance of #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2018 @IUCN_Gender @IUCN_forests

PM blames #Cambodia’s #logging problem on opposition #illegallogging #corruption

More than 100 cities across the globe get at least 70% of their energy from renewable sources, roughly twice as many cities as in 2015.

Marijuana is proving to be a health hazard, although not for the reasons one would assume

Could #data on slums hold the key to more resilient cities? @meganrowling reports #resilience #KnowYourCity @TR_Foundation

Community-based wildlife conservation is bringing success to Tanzania

Idaho lawmakers no longer plan to ban climate science from public schools

#Somalia’s #climatechange refugees - @cegoldbaum on why a rethink is needed on how humanitarians handle the drought crisis

On an island of plenty, a community tempered by waves braces for rising seas:

Until the 1960s, the rise and fall of the Colorado was tightly tied to the seasons. After the completion of the Glen Canyon Dam upstream of the Grand Canyon in 1966, everything changed.

Deep in the Grand Canyon, Scientists Struggle to Bring Back the Bugs

A hydroelectric dam disrupted the intricate food web of the Colorado River. Now a ragtag team of researchers and river guides are trying to repair it....

The Google Trekker imagery of trails and iconic environmental locations in Hawaiʻi is now live on Google Maps! UH Geography MA student Myles Ritchie had a lead role in this collaborative effort between the @OutdoorCircleHI and Google. To learn more,

#InvasiveSpecies: harmful alien species whose spread threatens environment, economy, or society, incl health. This week we'll be profiling different species that negatively impact Toronto's natural areas. Follow #InvSpWk to learn more.

Six Months After Harvey, Environmental Justice & Climate Change Absent from Houston’s Recovery Plans

In mountainous Lesotho, mountain biking is playing a leading role in the country's tourism future

Anchovies are having a moment. Learn more on our latest #blog:

Giant sequoias in California are just some of the tree species which have been scanned and measured using new laser technology

We had 4 maned wolf pups born at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in December & they recently had their first vet checkup! All the cubs are healthy and growing. MORE

Buckminster Fuller’s Map of the World: The Innovation that Revolutionized Map Design (1943)

Plans to create two parks to protect swathes of mountainous jungle in Myanmar could stop more than 16,000 Karen refugees who fled conflict from going home

Myanmar parks could stop thousands of Karen refugees returning home

By Jared Ferrie PHNOM PENH, Feb 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Plans to create two parks to ...

Find out how a laundry is helping Australians wash their way to better mental health @vanguardlaundry #mentalhealth #jobs #SocialEnterprise #resilience | @suewhitewriter reports

The peril and promise of apps to help refugees

An effort to make a fest less toxic. Glastonbury Festival to ban all plastic bottles on site

Climate Refugees in Florida Could Change the Politics There for Generations @SierraClub @MichaelEMann @billmckibben @350 @YEARSofLIVING @ClimateReality

Climate Refugees in Florida Could Change the Politics There for Generations

A wave of climate refugees fleeing the island to Florida could change the face of Florida politics.

Your favorite scented products are causing as much air pollution as your car

Search by city, state or zip code to track the risk of flooding in your area on our Surging Seas maps

Closing borders and opening up divisions: How France helped create the tensions now visible among the Comorian population

This pipeline spilled almost 150,000 gallons of waste and it's not even running yet

World elevation map depicted in greyscale; where brighter is higher. #map #maps

A St. Paul neighborhood's comic plan to tackle gentrification

Decline in #krill threatens #Antarctic wildlife, from #whales to #penguins

Opening the tap! Women and water are at the centre of a cultural transformation in #Nepal. Thanks to support from #Sweden, @UNDP can facilitate water supply and create improved conditions for agriculture, sanitation and equality!

The future of hearing aids could be a video game #health #technology

Mumbai's 'last big' hope lies in docklands' inclusive revival #SassoonDock #art #resilience

While you drizzle honey on your #pancakes later, remember it’s not just the honey bee that feeds us. RT to say thanks to all the wonderful solitary bees & bumblebees that pollinate our food too! #bees #ShroveTuesday #PancakeDay

Why #India is about to move to the ‘center stage’ of world #energy

Rapid global warming is said to be ringing the death knell for polar bears. But the reality is more complex

Working yourself to death is such a problem in Japan there's a name for it #work

How Driftwood Reshapes #Ecosystems, from @SmithsonianMag