PhD Recipients (since 1971)

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YearRecipientTitleCommittee Chair
2019Fisher, MicahBeyond Recognition: Indigenous Land Rights and Changing Landscapes in IndonesiaSuryanata, Krisnawati
2019Schrager, BenjaminPlacing Trust: The Political Ecology of Chicken Meat in JapanSuryanata, Krisnawati
2018Littlejohn, KerriePersonal Norms and Visitor Compliance: A Case Study of Wildlife Tourism in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa RicaSzuster, Brian
2017Bernstein, Jennifer M.Renewing the New Environmental Paradigm Scale: The Underlying Diversity of Contemporary Environmental WorldviewsSzuster, Brian
2016Frazier, Abby GailThe Influence of Large-Scale Modes of Climate Variability on Spatiotemporal Rainfall Patterns and Vegetation Response In HawaiʻiGiambelluca, Tom
2016Milne, Nicole A.The Remains of Agriculture: Agrarian Projects, Livelihoods and Landscape in East Hawaiʻi, Hawaiʻi IslandSuryanata, Krisna
2015DeLay, John KellyForest Transpiration on Kīlauea Volcano, HawaiʻiGiambelluca, Tom
2015Longman, Ryan JamesThe Effects of Trade Wind Inversion Variability on High Elevation Climates in HawaiʻiGiambelluca, Tom
2015Miles, Wendy BethRevaluing Rainforests: The Political Ecology of Market-based ConservationSuryanata, Krisna
2014Bettinger, Keith AndrewOn the Political Edge: Conservation in an Era of Decentralization and Democratization in Central Sumatra, IndonesiaSuryanata, Krisna
2014Liu, WenRegional Above Ground Biomass Storage Changes Due to Rubber Expansion in Mountainous Mainland Southeast AsiaChen, Qi
2014Miyake, YoshitakaThe Failure of Agricultural Policy Reform in Neoliberal Japan: The 2007 Multi-Product Management Stabilization PlanMcDonald, Mary
2013Dutt, SugatoCrafting the Inviolate Space: Ideologies, Rules and Resources in an Indian Tiger Reserve—A Study of Protected Area GovernanceWester, Lyndon
2013Pramono, Albertus HadiNgekar Utatn Raat Kite: A Look into Cartographic Encounters in Counter-Mapping Exercises in West Kalimantan, IndonesiaMurton, Brian
2012Castagna, Christine N.Tangled up in Pine: Māori Perspectives on Global Industrial Forestry in Aotearoa/New ZealandMurton, Brian
2012Kingsbury, Aaron JohnRe-localizing Japanese Wine: The Grape and Wine Clusters of Yamanashi Prefecture, JapanMcDonald, Mary
2012Louis, Elisabeth C.The Political Ecology of Food Sovereignty Movements in Neoliberal IndiaSuryanata, Krisna
2012McLeod, ElizabethDeveloping a Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment Framework for Application in Tropical Island CommunitiesSzuster, Brian
2012Tsujita, MasamiThe Samoan Aidscape: Situated Knowledge and Multiple Realities of Japan's Foreign Aid to SāmoaMcDonald, Mary
2010Dixon, SusanIslands on the Edge? Investigating the Geographical Underpinnings of Crisis DiscourseMcDonald, Mary
2010Kittinger, John N.Historical Ecology of Coral Reef Ecosystems in the Hawaiian ArchipelagoJiang, Hong
2010Marek, Serge A.Māori Urban Geographies of Whakamanatanga: Empowered Māori Urbanism, Space/Place-Based Social Movements and Practices of Everyday Life in Auckland, New ZealandMurton, Brian
2010Mark, Sean MichaelCommunity-based Marine Protected Areas in the Philippines: Understanding Long-term CommitmentGoss, Jon
2010Phanvilay, KhamlaLanduse Change and Livelihood in Bokeo and Luang Namtha, LaosWester, Lyndon
2010Reissberg, Anja ChristinaA Cybernetic Approach to Hurricane Hazard Management on Oʻahu, HawaiʻiRidgley, Mark
2010Wedding, LisaApplying a Landscape Ecology Approach to Quantify the Structure, Ecology and Use of the Seascape by Coral Reef Fish Assemblages at Multiple Spatial ScalesJorgensen, Stacy
2009Kuan, Da-WeiA River Runs Through It: Story of Resource Management, Place Identity and Indigenous Knowledge in Marqwang, TaiwanGoss, Jon
2009Lindquist, Bruce AnthonyNegotiating Nationality: Immigration Regulation and Rightful Belonging in Sabah, MalaysiaGoss, Jon
2009Phan, Giang TrieuBrewing Development: Coffee and Livelihoods in the Central Highlands, VietnamSuryanata, Krisna
2008Beamer, B. KamanamaikalaniNa Wai Ka Mana? ʻOiwi Agency and European Imperialism in the Hawaiian KingdomGoss, Jon
2008Gonzalez, Ricardo M.The Political Ecology of Scallop (Argopecten purpuratus) Use and Management in the Pisco-Paracas Region, Southern Peruvian CoastMurton, Brian
2008Louis, Renee PualaniHawaiian Place Names: Storied Symbols of Hawaiian Performance CartographiesWingert, Everett
2007Cao, GuangxiaTrade Wind Inversion Variability, Dynamics and Future Change in HawaiʻiGiambelluca, Tom
2007Fermantez, KaliRe-Placing Hawaiians Sense of Place and Identity in WaiʻanaeMurton, Brian
2007Liki, AsenatiRootedness in ʻaiga: Work and Movement Among Teine Uli in Samoa and Aotearoa/New ZealandChapman, Murray
2007Ludwig, Noel AndrewIntegrating Multiobjective Prioritization and Simulation for Fire Regime Management in Southern California WatershedRidgley, Mark
2007Shafer, Jennifer L.Agent-Based Simulation on a Recreational Coral Reef Fishery: Linking Ecological and Social DynamicsRidgley, Mark
2006Oliveira, Katrina-AnnKa Alanui Kikeʻekeʻe o Maui: Na Wai Hoʻi Ka ʻOle O ke Akamai, He Alanui I Maʻa I Ka Hele ʻIa E Oʻu Mau MakuaMurton, Brian
2005Cuo, LanEffects of Land Cover and Rural Roads on Hydrological Processes in Montane Watersheds in Northern ThailandGiambelluca, Tom
2005Rodgers, Kuʻulei S.Evaluation of Nearshore Coral Reef Condition and Identification of Indicators in the Main Hawaiian IslandsSutherland, Ross
2005Zou, ZiThe Modifiable Areal Unit Problem: Empirical Evaluation Using Census Data of the City and County of HonoluluGoss, Jon
2004Lilomaiava-Doktor, SaʻiliemanuFaʻa-Samoa and Population Movement From the Inside Out: The Case of Salelologa, SavaiʻiChapman, Murray
2004Monson, Clark S.Indigenous Resource Taboos: A Practical Approach Towards the Conservation of Commercialized SpeciesWester, Lyndon
2004Parrish, Frank A.Foraging Landscape of the Hawaiian Monk SealWester, Lyndon
2003Cusick, JohnThe Roles of Protected Areas in Contemporary Societies: Resident, Research and Recreation on the Islands of Yakushima, Japan and Maui, HawaiʻiMurton, Brian
2003Johnson, Jay T.Biculturalism, Resource Management and Indigenous Self-DeterminationMurton, Brian
2003Lin, Wen-PinA Multiobjective Planning System for Forest Resource Management in Taiwan: A Case Study on Hui-Sun Forest StationRidgley, Mark
2003Miller, AlyssaUrban Neighborhoods and Environmental Management: Case Studies from Ambom, Eastern IndonesiaGoss, Jon
2003Zicus, Sandra A.Youth Action Research in the Marine Environment: A Case Study Analysis of Selected Education Projects in Hawaiʻi, USAMurton, Brian
2002Chun, Allison A.The Discourses (Re)Constructing the Sacred Geography of Kahoʻolawe Island, HawaiʻiMurton, Brian
2002Wongbusarakum, SupinThe Urak Lawoi and the Complexity of Sustainable Resource Use: The Political Ecology of Change in the Adang Archipelago, Andaman Sea, ThailandGoss, Jon
2001Aggarwal, SafiaSupernatural Sanctions in Common Management: Panchayat Forest Conservation in the Central HimalayasMurton, Brian
2001Andrade, Carlos LawrenceHaʻena Ahupuaʻa: Towards a Hawaiian GeographyMurton, Brian
2001Besio, KathrynSpatial Stories of Researchers and Travelers in a Balti Village, Pakistan: Jangli Geographies of Gender and TransculturationMurton, Brian
2001Durrant, Jeffrey OlaniStruggle Over Land and Lines: Mapping and Counter-Mapping Utah's San Raphael SwellLewis, Nancy
2001Li, ShichaoSocio-Spatial and Economic Relationships of Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Under China's Socio-Economic Transition - The Case of WuhanChang, Sen-Dou
2000Moeliono, Moira M.M.The Drums of Rura: Land Tenure and the Making of Place in Manggarai, West Flores, IndonesiaGoss, Jon
2000Siar, Susana V.The Social Context and Politics of Resource Use: Small-Scale Fishing in Honda Bay, Palawan, PhilippinesMurton, Brian
2000Ziegler, Alan D.Toward Modeling Erosion on Unpaved Roads in Mountainous Northern ThailandGiambelluca, Tom
1999Brennan, Peter FrancisThe Conservation of Semi-Evergreen Vine Thicket Remnants in Central Australia, QueenslandWester, Lyndon
1999Dahl, Christopher RobertThe State and Tradition: Conception of Land Tenure on the Island of PohnpeiLewis, Nancy
1999Tran, Liem ThanhMulti-Objective Fuzzy Regression and its Application to Erosion PredictionRidgley, Mark
1998Brodt, Sonja BrigetteLearning from the Land: Local Knowledge Systems of Tree Management in Central IndiaMurton, Brian
1998Omengan, Elizabeth ApilDeforestation: Farming, Logging, and Forest Management in Northeast ThailandWester, Lyndon
1998Parke, Michael FrancisLand Suitability Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems to Minimize Public Health and Maximize Public Acceptance of Wastewater Reuse in HawaiʻiLewis, Nancy
1998Sneed, Paul GerraldNational Parklands in Northern Homelands: A Comparison of Co-Management of National Parks with Native People in Alaska (United States of America) and the Yukon (Canada)Murton, Brian
1997Hoverman, Suzanne Linda SearsEnvironmentalism and Social Change: Public Participation in Australian Forest ManagementMurton, Brian
1997Judd, Nanette L. Kapulani MossmanLaau Lapaau: A Geography of Hawaiian Herbal HealingLewis, Nancy
1997Lee, Cheing-TungInterril Erosion Processes and Their Influence on Caesium-137 as a Tracer for Estimating Soil ErosionSutherland, Ross
1997Park, Kyu TaegThe Development of the Textile Industry in Taegu South KoreaGoss, Jon
1997Penn, David CampbellWater and Energy Flows in Hawaii Taro PondfieldsGiambelluca, Tom
1997Walters, Jeffrey SpragueExploring Local Knowledge of Tropical Coastal Ecology: Participatory Resource Assessment In a Philippine Fishing CommunityLewis, Nancy
1996Fernandes, LeanneEvaluating Proposed Uses of Coral Reefs: Comparison of Economic and Multiple Criteria ApproachesRidgley, Mark
1995Bordner, RichardContested Images of Place in a Multicultural Context: The Ahupuaʻa of Kanaio and Aʻuahi, MauiChapman, Murray
1995Herman, R. Douglas K.Kalaiʻaina—Carving the Land: Geography, Desire and Possession in the Hawaiian IslandsMurton, Brian
1995Johnston, Charles SamuelEnduring Idylls? A Geographical Study of Tourism in Kona, Hawaiʻi IslandMurton, Brian
1995Sahachaisaeree, NopadonThe Political Economy of Land and Housing for the Urban Poor in Bangkok: A Case Study in Klong Toey and Wat Chonglom SettlementGoss, Jon
1995Schug, Donald M.The Marine Realm and a Sense of Place Among the Papua New Guinean Communities of the Torres StraitMorgan, Joseph
1994Bajracharya, Bhishna NandaSmall Towns and Rural Development: A Study of Urban-Rural Relations in the Hill Region of NepalMurton, Brian
1994Ikagawa, ToshihikoResidential Gardens in Urban Honolulu, Hawaiʻi: Neighborhood, Ethnicity and Ornamental PlantsWester, Lyndon
1994Park, Soon HoForced Child Migration: Korea-Born Intercountry Adoptees in the United StatesFuller, Gary
1994Warren, William HalfordKoreans in Japan: Movement, Distribution and LandscapePitts, Forrest
1993Huang, YunlinSea Use Planning: A Case Study of the Yellow SeaMorgan, Joseph
1993Lay, Jinn-GueyAutomatic Extraction of Terrain Features From Digital Terrain Data: A Multifaceted StudyWingert, Everett
1993Pearsall, Sam Haff, IIIA Geographical-Ecological Model For Landscape Conservation in Western SamoaMurton, Brian
1993Rapaport, MosheDefending the Lagoons: Insider/Outsider Struggles Over the Tuamotuan Pearl IndustryLewis, Nancy
1993Subedi, Bhim PrasadContinuity and Change in Population Movement: From Inside a Rural Nepali CommunityChapman, Murray
1992Paulson, Deborah D.Forest Depletion, Village Agriculture and Social Change in Rural Western Samoa: A Case StudyLewis, Nancy
1991Dowdle, Nancy BarrettEcological Constraints and Demographic Adaptation in the Langshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of ChinaChang, Sen-Dou
1991Gaver, Robert DeanLand Reclamation in China: A Major Coastal PotentialPitts, Forrest
1991Kieffer, Edith ChanaGeographic Patterns of Low Birthrate and Prenatal Care Service Utilization in HawaiʻiLewis, Nancy
1991Mansberger, Joe RobertBan Yatra: A Bio-Cultural Survey of Sacred Forests in Kathmandu ValleyMurton, Brian
1991Schweithelm, JamesRapid Watershed Assessment for Outer Island Indonesia with a Kalimantan Case StudyMurton, Brian
1990Bastos, Therezinha XavierDelineating Agroclimatic Zones for Deforested Areas in Para State, BrazilGiambelluca, Tom
1990Din, Abdul-Kadir HajiBumiputera Entrepreneurship in the Penang-Langkawai Tourist IndustryMurton, Brian
1989Badon, Suzzette BritaThe Development of Domestic Water Transportation in the PhilippinesMorgan, Joseph
1989Leung, Chi KinIndustrial Organization and Spatial Economic Relations Between Hong Kong and China: A Linkage-Interaction ApproachChang, Sen-Dou
1989Nullet, Dennis McClainClimatic Controls on Evaporation in HawaiʻiGiambelluca, Tom
1989Purwaka, Tommy HendraIndonesian Interisland Shipping: An Assessment of the Relationship of Government Policies and Quality of Shipping ServicesMorgan, Joseph
1988Firman, TommyLabor Flows and the Construction Industry: The Case of Housing Development in Bandung, IndonesiaChapman, Murray
1988Gurung, Chandra P.Infant Mortality in Nepal: A Logic Analysis of Kaski District in Western NepalArmstrong, Warwick
1988Gurung, Sumitra ManadharBeyond the Myth of Eco-crisis in Nepal: A Local Response to Pressure on Land in the Middle HillsMurton, Brian
1988Miller, Richard R.Locational Aspects of Business Development and Linkage for HawaiʻiFuchs, Roland
1988Ramakrishna, JamunaPatterns of Domestic Air Pollution in Rural IndiaSmith, Kirk
1988Sato, TokikoSocioeconomic Factors Associated with Geographical Variations in Cerebrovascular Disease in Miyagi Prefecture, JapanArmstrong, Warwick
1988Sturgell, Charles Wesley, Jr.Evolution of the Concept of an Antarctic Region Based on Narrative and Cartographic Documents from 1772–1872Morgan, Joseph
1988Yamaguchi, Nancy D.A Petroleum Refining and Trade Study for the United States West Coast RegionMorgan, Joseph
1987Sugimura, KenForestry and Wildlife Conservation on Amami Oshima, Japan: An Integrated Study of Wildlife and Human SocietyStreet, John
1986Chaing, Shan-hsinA Climatological Study of Taiwan's Mei-Yu (Plum-Rain)Street, John
1986Chu, Gregory Hoi-YuenType Size Selection in Map Design: A User-Preference ApproachWingert, Everett
1986Harper, David E.Sustainable Agriculture on Slopes: The Effectiveness of International Development Projects in Fostering Soil Conservation in North ThailandStreet, John
1986Hussey, Antonia E.Resources for Development: Tourism and Small Scale Indigenous Enterprise in BaliFryer, Donald
1986Zurick, David N.Resource Processes and Regional Integration in Western NepalMurton, Brian
1985Campbell, John R.Population and Change: Human-Environment Interrelations on Mota Lava, Northern VanuatuMurton, Brian
1985Kim, Chang-SeokCity Attractiveness and Internal Migration in Korea: Place Utility ConsiderationsPitts, Forrest
1985Manning, Grant B .The Mortality Transformation in Fiji: A Geographical AppraisalPirie, Peter
1985Stephen, DavidImpacts of Agricultural, Industrial and Urban Developments on the Aquatic Resources of the Cochin Backwater Systems Kerala, India: Resource Development and Management ImplicationsBardach, John
1985Wood, William BruceIntermediate Cities in the Resource Frontier: A Case Study of Samarinda and Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, IndonesiaFuchs, Roland
1984Childs, Iraphne R.W.Nuclear Waste in the Pacific: Perceptions of the RisksKornhauser, David
1984Chow, ChunshingImmigration and Immigrant Settlements: The Chinese in New York CityFuller, Gary
1984Jaafar, Abu BakarProspects for Marine Regionalism in the Malacca and Singapore StraitsFryer, Donald
1984Penot-Demetry, Josee AnneThe Geography of Fiscal Avoidance: Financial Centers in the South PacificFuchs, Roland
1984White, Alan TylerMarine Parks and Reserves: Management for Philippine, Indonesian and Malaysian Costal Reef EnvironmentsStreet, John
1983Giambelluca, Thomas WarrenWater Balance of the Pearl Harbor-Honolulu Basin, 1946–1975Chang, Jen-Hu
1983Huang, Nora L. H. ChiangFemale Migration in Taiwan: A Study of Process, Adaptation, and LinkageFuller, Gary
1983Isaak, David ThomasPetrochemical Production in the Persian Gulf: A Study of an Emerging IndustryFryer, Donald
1983Stone, Frederick DorenAgricultural Change as an Adaptive process: Adoption of Modern Methods and Responses to Pest Outbreaks by Rice Farmers in Chachoengsao Province, Central ThailandStreet, John
1982Chapman, Barbara AnneA Medical Geography of Endemic Goiter in Central JavaArmstrong, Warwick
1982Noguchi, YasuoWater Balance and Exposure: Their Implication to Vegetation Asymmetry under the Tradewind RegimeChang, Jen-Hu
1982Singhanetra-Renard, AnchaleeNorthern Tai Mobility 1870–1977: A View From WithinChapman, Murray
1982Zintambila, Henry J.Climatic Water Balance and Crop Production in MalawiChang, Jen-Hu
1981Lee, Jeong-SikDevelopmental Strategies in a Lagging Region: The Case of Centralized Polarization in KoreaPitts, Forrest
1981Park, Chan SukDiffusion of Rototillers in Korea to 1977Pitts, Forrest
1980Ali, MehtabunisaThe Demand and Supply of Family Planning Services in IndiaFuller, Gary
1980Hampson, ArthurThe Growth and Spread of the Baha'i FaithFuller, Gary
1980Lyons, Robin RayEmigration from American Samoa: A Study of Bicultural Assimilation and MigrationChapman, Murray
1980Rockie, John DowardImage Evaluation of Landsat Data for Monitoring Change in Forest Vigor: The Ohia Rain Forest Decline on the Island of HawaiʻiWingert, Everett
1979Ahsan, Rosie MajidHousehold Mobility in the Upper-Income Residential Areas of Dacca City, Bangladesh, 1960–1974Chapman, Murray
1979Curry, BruceMapping Areas Liable to Famine in BangladeshFuller, Gary
1979Lee, Mary Ann BaconInsect Damage to Plants in Three Successional Plant CommunitiesWester, Lyndon
1979Merlin, Mark DavidThe Cultural Geography of the Opium Poppy: Its Origin and the Spread through the Bronze AgeStreet, John
1979Wright, Paul ArcherResidents Leave Paradise: A Study of Outmigration from Hawaiʻi to the MainlandFuller, Gary
1978Mantra, Ida BagoesPopulation Movement in Wet Rice Communities: A Case Study of Two Dukuh in Yogyakarta Special RegionChapman, Murray
1978Miu, Kenneth Leung KaiIntra-Urban Migration and Population Redistribution in Victoria and Kowloon, Hong KongFuller, Gary
1978Morgan, Joseph R.The Tsunami Hazard in the Pacific: Institutional Responses in Japan and the United StatesStreet, John
1978Nasuti, James J.The Diffuse Components of Solar Radiation: Its Distribution and EstimationChang, Jen-Hu
1978Wright, Timothy WilliamQuerencia Calamian (A Geographic Approach to Integrated Regional Conservation and Development in Calamianes, Palawan, Philippines)Street, John
1977Da Silva, Armando M.Native Management of Coastal Wetlands in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Wetland Change in Tin Shui Wai Agricultural Lot, New TerritoriesStreet, John
1977Juvik, James O.Mountain Fog on Mauna Loa, HawaiʻiChang, Jen-Hu
1977Resosudarmo, SudjiranClimatic Water Balance and Agricultural Production in the Northern Plains of West JavaChang, Jen-Hu
1977Vu, Dinh D.Respiratory Allergic Diseases and Their Association with Aeroallergens in a Hawaiian CommunityArmstrong, Warwick
1976Manner, Harey I.Effects of Shifting Cultivation and Fire on Vegetation and Soils in the Montane Tropics of New GuineaStreet, John
1976Travers, Lawrence HarringtonCognitive Images of Hong Kong Youth: A Study of Chinese Urban PerceptionFuller, Gary
1975Chiang, Tao-changThe Salt Industry of China, 1664–1911: A Study in Historical GeographyChang, Sen-Dou
1975Mukherji, ShekharThe Mobility Field Theory of Human Spatial Behavior: A Behavioral Approach to the Study of Migration and Circulation in the Indian SituationChapman, Murray
1974De Silva, Gallay L.R.Slope Stability Problems Induced by Human Modification of the Soil Covered Hill Slopes of Oʻahu, HawaiʻiStreet, John
1974Lin, Gong-YuhSurface Synoptic Flow Types and Their Relation to Rainfall Over the Island of TaiwanChang, Sen-Dou
1974Meade, Melinda SueChanging Health Environments Through Land Development: The Case of the Federal Land Development Authority in Peninsular MalaysiaArmstrong, Warwick
1974Scott, Geoffrey Arthur JamesGrassland Creation in a Montane Tropical Rainforest and its Effects on Soil-Vegetation Nutrient Pools and Nutrient Cycles: A Case Study in the Gran Pajonal of Eastern PeruStreet, John
1973Bowers, Ida IreneFactors Influencing Village Receptivity to Agricultural Innovations: A Case Study in Kabupaten Karawang, West JavaFryer, Donald
1973Langdale, John V.Communication, Transportation and the Decentralization of Selected Public Services in New South Wales (Australia)Pitts, Forrest
1973Parsons, John SanfordInteraction and Communication in a Philippine Barrio: A Study of Social Space and Social DistanceEarickson, Robert
1973Williams, Jack FrancisThe Conflict Between Peasant and Public Interest in a Developing Country: A Case Study of the Taiwan Sugar Company, 1950–1970Fuchs, Roland
1972Edmundson, Wade CowartLand, Food, and Work in Three Javanese VillagesArmstrong, Warwick
1972Hughes, Anthony CharlesSome Economic Effects of Road Construction in Rural Northeast Thailand, 1958–1970Fryer, Donald
1971Prasad, Prem ChandraEvapotranspiration by Sugar Cane as Influenced by Meteorological FactorsChang, Jen-Hu