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Aloha and welcome to the Department of Geography and Environment at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa! Geography is a diverse discipline that is united by its focus on global change and local impacts on humans and the environment. Our department was founded in 1932 and is consistently ranked among the top programs in the US. Our faculty have expertise across the breadth of the discipline in environmental geography, human geography, and geospatial information science, with a focus on Asia and the Pacific. Our BA, MA, and PhD students research topics such as environmental change, sustainability, and globalization and have gone on to careers in academia, government service, NGOs, and in the private sector.

There are multiple factors behind the rise in pedestrian fatalities, but a new report emphasizes one in particular: overly wide arterials that give too much space to cars and too little to humans.

America’s Most Dangerous Roads for Pedestrians

In the U.S., pedestrian fatalities have climbed 35 percent since 2008. And federal traffic safety regulators aren’t at work, thanks to the gover...

“While big retailers claim it will take 10 years to create real plastic-free change, Thornton’s Budgens has shown that we can start to wean ourselves off plastic in 10 weeks” – @siansutherland from campaign group A Plastic Planet

London supermarket becomes one of the first mainstream chains to introduce plastic-free zones - Positive News

With the help of campaign group A Plastic Planet, Thornton's Budgens created plastic-free zones in its Belsize Park shop in just 10 weeks

Astrotourism is on the rise: the number of worldwide parks applying to be on the list of certified “International Dark Sky Places” is five times higher than it was just eight years ago.

Pollution has no borders. This is how nitrogen dioxide moves across Europe. Animation produced by @CopernicusECMWF (CAMS). @VHPeuch: "The amount of satellite and in-situ data that we get has no equivalent."

Many landless workers' movements in Brazil seek to take over properties in the name of social and economic justice to more equally distribute rural wealth, but farmers argue this flies in the face of the country's property laws

Brazil to fight invasions by landless workers -official

Many landless workers seek to take over properties in the name of social and economic justice, but farmers argue this is against the country's propert...

Local and national experts on climate change will gather in Honolulu on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019 for discussions on the state’s pioneering response to climate change challenges. The conference is free and open to the public. #hi_climatecon2019

Bangkok—parks and “green roofs” planted with vegetation soak up rain during the annual monsoon and help dense urban centers adapt to climate change—“We need to be thinking about everything we build in the context of mitigating climate-change impact.”

Bangkok fights floods with thirsty landscaping

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