About the Department of Geography and Environment

Our diverse faculty encourage students to explore and integrate a broad range of topics in geography, including:

Environmental Geography

Global Climate Change
Environmental Processes
Ecological Modeling
Carbon Cycle
Hydro-Ecological Connections
Sea Level Rise
Biodiversity & Extinction
Water Conservation
Resource Depletion & Sustainability
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Coastal & Marine Management
Watershed & Ahupuaʻa

Human Geography

Geo-Political Change
Environment, Resources & Society
Food & Agriculture
Perceptions of Nature
Alternative Tourism
Resource Management & Policy
Maritime Law
Border Walls & Security
Political Ecology
Hawai‘i & the Asia-Pacific Region

Geospatial Information Science

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Remote Sensing
Aerial & Satellite Imagery
Field Mapping & Surveying
Computer Cartography
Drone Technologies
Geospatial Data Analysis
Global Positioning System (GPS)
3D Terrain Modeling
Land Use Data & Cover Mapping
Map Interpretation
Online Mapping