Camilo Mora, Faculty, Department of Geography, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Camilo Mora

Professor, Graduate Chair
Office: Saunders 413
Telephone: 1 (808) 956-7093

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UH Award Winner

CSS Excellence in Research (2014)


I grew up in rural Colombia, and thanks to a wonderful mother and father, I manage to get a higher education that very few achieve in a country that lives in poverty and is constantly touched by violence; this is to say that as a country we have very critical things to worry about. As a peasant in the country side, I observed the massive transformation of the natural world and I myself might have added to it. However, it was only until I finished my PhD that I truly understood the magnitude of the damage to the natural world and that we were all responsible for it. Unfortunately, we cannot expect everyone to do a PhD to better appreciate and be sensible about biodiversity loss, which is why I dedicated my life to bring scientifically based awareness to this problem and its solutions.


  • Postdoctoral - Census of Marine Life, Future of Marine Animal Populations project:
    • Fellow and part-time faculty, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2008-2010
    • Fellow and lecturer, SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, 2006–2008
    • Fellow, University of Auckland, 2005
  • PhD, Biology, University of Windsor, Canada, 2005
  • BSc, Marine Biology, Universidad del Valle, Colombia, 1999


  • GEO 302: Global Environmental Issue
  • GEO 309: Introduction to Biogeography
  • GEO 710B: Methods for Analysis in Biogeography


My lab focuses on interconnected lines of research aimed to understand how biodiversity patterns are generated and modified by human activities and in the process identifying the conditions where suitable conditions for both, humans and biodiversity, are met.