Department of Geography and Environment Faculty

Our faculty offers world-class geographic knowledge and expertise at local, national, and international scales, focusing on Asia and the Pacific.

David Beilman

Professor, Undergraduate Chair
Office: Saunders 419
Telephone: 1 (808) 956-7311
Biogeography, Climate Change, Ecosystems

Qi Chen

Office: Saunders 435
Telephone: 1 (808) 956-3524
Remote Sensing, GIS, Environmental Science

Thomas Giambelluca

Office: Saunders 417
Climatology, Hydrology, Ecohydrology

Hong Jiang

Associate Professor
Office: Saunders 437
Culture, Perception of Nature, China

Reece Jones

Professor, Department Chair
Office: Saunders 412
Political Geography, Geopolitics, Borders

Marina Karides

Office: Saunders 416
Island Studies, Feminisms, Political Economy

Camilo Mora

Office: Saunders 413
Telephone: 1 (808) 956-7093
Biodiversity Threats and Conservation

Mary Mostafanezhad

Associate Professor
Office: Saunders 415
Human-Envr. Relations, Tourism, Development

Krisna Suryanata

Professor, Graduate Chair
Office: Saunders 438
Pol. Ecology, Ag & Food, Comm-based Mgmt.

Ross Sutherland, Faculty, Department of Geography, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Ross Sutherland

Office: Saunders 439
Fluvial Geomorphology, Soil Erosion

Brian Szuster

Associate Professor
Office: Saunders 436
Aquaculture, Seafood, Coastal Tourism, EIA

Cooperating Graduate Faculty

  • Leah Bremer ( - Ecosystem Services, Social-ecological Systems, Watershed Management and Conservation, Land-use Change, Water Resources
  • Erik Franklin ( - Marine Ecology, Coral Reefs, Fish and Fisheries, Computational and Quantitative Methods, Geospatial Modeling, Invasive Species, Restoration Ecology
  • Laurel Mei-Singh ( - Land and Militarization, Race and Indigeneity, Racial Capitalism, Oceania
  • Mark Merlin ( - Biogeography, Ethnobotany, Natural History of the Pacific

Affiliate Graduate Faculty

  • Henry Diaz ( - Climatology, Climate Variability
  • Abby Frazier ( - Climatology, Ecology, Geospatial Analysis
  • Jefferson Fox ( - Land-use and Land-cover Change, Spatial Analysis, Rural-urban Transition, Southeast and South Asia
  • Lisa C. Kelley ( - Critical Physical Geography, Agrarian Studies, Remote Sensing, Agrarian and Forest Change
  • Yi Qiang ( - Spatio-temporal Data Modeling, Visual Analytics, Geocomputation

Adjunct Faculty

Emeriti Faculty

  • Murray Chapman ( - Human Mobility, Generational Change, Islander Identities, Indigenous Epistemologies
  • Roland Fuchs ( - Climate Change and Adaptation, Asian Cities
  • Gary Fuller ( - Population, Geography of Prophylaxis, Population and Political Instability
  • Nancy Davis Lewis ( - Geography of Health and Disease, Human Dimensions of Global Change
  • Brian J. Murton ( - Colonialism, Historical Geography, Cultural Landscape, India, New Zealand
  • Mark Ridgley ( - Urban Environmental Services, Coastal & Marine Resource Management
  • Lyndon Wester ( - Plant Geography, Alien Plant Invasions, Ecosystem Degradation and Restoration

Retired Faculty

  • Alison Rieser ( - Ocean Geopolitics, Marine Environmental Law