Geography MA Recipients (since 1930)

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Year Recipient Title Committee Chair
2022 Grandinetti, Jocelyn Restoring people and place: Building biocultural citizenshipthrough grassroots restoration Suryanata, Krisna
2022 Helfner, Sasha Investigating Hawaii’s Cesspool Outreach and Community Participation: Kahaluʻu as A Case Study Suryanata, Krisna
2022 Portner, Liat I. Examining Ecohydrological Implications of Plant Invasion in the Leeward Koʻolau Mountains Through Transpiration Giambelluca, Thomas
2021 Dean, Jacqueline Effects of Land Control on Land Cover Change in Indonesia Kelley, Lisa/Chen, Qi
2021 Kohatsu, Tatsuki Militarized Paradise: Variegated Senses of (In)securities in Everyday Life in Okinawa Mostafanezhad, Mary
2021 Lanfranchi, Robert Cultivating Surfers’ Sense of Place: Community Building and Environmental Action on Oahu’s North Shore Mostafanezhad, Mary
2021 Webster, Kira Reconciling conflicting results about the effects of climate change in plants: A case study with wheat Mora, Camilo
2021 Winans, Ross Automatic Detection of Hawai'i's Shoreline Stranded Mega-debris Using Deep Learning Chen, Qi
2020 Ford, Derek UAV Imagery for Tree Species Classification in Hawai‘i: A Comparison of MLC, RF, and CNN Supervised Classification Chen, Qi
2020 Marohnic, Olivia Holocene Hydroclimatic Changes Reconstructed from Montane Wetlands at Three Windward Sites on The Island of Hawai‘i Beilman, David
2020 Moy, Kirsten Of Mantas and Men: Understanding The Intersection Of Hawaii's Reef Manta Rays and Its Growing Tourism Industry Rieser, Alison
2020 Rupic, Michael #StopAdani: The Landscape of Environmental Activism in Australia Kelley, Lisa
2020 Sanfilippo, Kristen Predictor Selection and Model Evaluation for Future Rainfall Projection in Hawaiʻi Giambelluca, Thomas
2019 Ritchie, Myles Establishing Consensus Core Criteria for the Protection of Heritage Trees Szuster, Brian
2019 Setter, Renee Coral Restoration Under Projected Climate Change and Other Human Impacts Mora, Camilo
2019 Gilda, Laura Probability Model for Archaeological Site Location: A Case Study on Oʻahu Island Hawaiʻi Chen, Qi & Wingert, Ev
2019 Sulis, Silvia Spatial Methods for Green Infrastructure Planning. Strategies for Stormwater Management and Park Access Qiang, Yi
2018 Philips, Li Marine Recreation Management at Molokini Shoal MLCD: Evaluating Visitor Perceptions of Recreation Conflict and Value Orientations Szuster, Brian
2018 Saluga, Salvator Inside the Polynesian Pipeline: A Migratory Analysis of Professional Samoan Football Players Jones, Reece
2017 Dau, Chelsea M. Deprivation in Paradise: Identifying Oʻahu Food Deserts McGranaghan, Matt
2017 Genco, Brandon M. Biogeographical Analysis of Abyssal Bottom Habitats: Using an Abiotic Province Scheme and Metazoan Occurrence Databases Deep-Sea Biogeographical Analysis Beilman, David
2017 Roberson, Liana A Spatial-Temporal Analysis of the Benthic Habitat On Rose Atoll In Response To The Removal of Vessel Debris From The Jin Shiang Fa Fishing Vessel Grounding Chen, Qi
2017 Workman, Timothy Grand Canal Mega-Development in Nicaragua Suryanata, Krisna
2017 Wright, Emily C. The Upshot of Upgrading: Seaweed Farming and Value Chain Development in Indonesia Suryanata, Krisna
2016 McKenzie, Marie Maile Regional Temperature Trends in Hawaiʻi: A Century of Change. 1916–2015 Giambelluca, Tom
2016 Metzker, Kathryn L. Growing Up in the Margins: Rural and Urban Therapeutic Landscapes for Female Human Trafficking Survivors in India Mostafanezhad, Mary
2016 O'Conner, Robert C. Mapping and Analysis of Coral Reef Damage Related to Boating in Kāneʻohe Bay with Unmanned Aerial Systems McGranaghan, Matt
2016 Paulo, Julius Ray S. Accuracy Analysis of a LiDAR Digital Elevation Model Wingert, Everett
2016 Shea, Alessandra Gabrielle Cuban Marine Policy: A Case of Context Rieser, Alison
2016 Strauch, David Setting Place at the Table: The Cultural Biogeography of Mole Wester, Lyndon
2015 Beatty, Dylan A Sea of Rhetoric: Conjuring Kalayaan Jones, Reece
2015 Chetcuti, Jordan Estimating Palila (Loxioides bailleui) Habitat Using Remote Sensing Chen, Qi
2015 Cosmas, Nicholas J. Stay Where You Are Until Our Backs Are Turned: Imagining the Border from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok Jones, Reece
2015 Devaney, Charles P. An Assessment of a Low-Cost Approach to Automatic Spatial Referencing of SUAS-SFM Image Orthomosaics for Use in Denied Environments Wingert, Ev
2015 Fang, Rong Investigating the Impacts of Tree Allometry on LiDAR-Based Tree Aboveground Biomass Model Performance Chen, Qi
2015 Hedgpeth, Alexandra L. Sensitivity of Arctic Permafrost Carbon in Mackenzie River Basin Peatlands: an Incubation Experiment to Observe the Priming Effect Beilman, David
2015 Knecht, Daniel P. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving with Manta Rays on the Kona Coast of Hawaiʻi: Perceived Crowding and Support for Management Action Szuster, Brian
2015 Laudier, Michel A. Deriving Water Depth Utilizing a Ratio Transformation Model Using Bathymetric LiDAR and World View-2 Sensors for Hanauma Bay, South Shore of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi McGranaghan, Matt
2015 Sanchez, Joseph J. Where Are All The Species?: Using Higher-Taxon Richness to Predict Species Richness Mora, Camilo
2015 Strasser, Hillary Contours of Responsibility: Corporate Social Investment and Development in Myanmar's Oil Industry Jones, Reece
2014 Adam, Urban El Fatih Bani Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Flood Hazard Management for Makassar City, South Sulawesi-Indonesia McGranaghan, Matt
2014 Jaspers, Krista E. Non-regulatory Approaches to Marine Wildlife Tourism: The Dolphin Smart Experiment in Hawaiʻi Rieser, Alison
2014 Kaiser, Lauren R. Assessing the Impacts of Kona Lows on Rainfall: Variability and Spatial Patterns in the Hawaiian Islands Giambelluca, Tom
2014 Kajihiro, Kyle Becoming 'Pearl Harbor': A 'Lost Geography' of American Empire Jones, Reece
2014 Lindquist, Mahany C. Estimating Canopy Bulk Density (CBD) Using Discrete-return LiDAR and Hyperspectral Imagery Chen, Qi
2014 Reinhalter, Jaya Priya Intentional Communities: Place-based Articulations of Social Critique Jones, Reece
2014 Schrager, Benjamin Seeds from Paradise: The Rise of Hawaiʻi's Seed Corn Industry Suryanata, Krisna
2013 Cooper, Hannah M. Mapping Inundation Uncertainty Using LiDAR Chen, Qi
2013 Fernando, Ashvini A Place-Based Consideration of Community-Based Natural Resource Management: Recreating Fijian Landscapes Goss, Jon
2013 Ireland, Jay A. Events, Representation, and Immigration: The Political Discourse of Arizona's SB1070 Jones, Reece
2013 Knighton, Faith Opatrny Bridging Coral Reef Science and Policy Objectives: A Case Study of Perceptions in the Main Hawaiian Islands Rieser, Alison
2013 La Pierre, Lance Genson Mahi Cultural Attachment and Restoring Kindred Connections to Uhiūhi [Mezoneuron Kavaiense (H. Mann) Hillebr.], a Critically Endangered, Endemic Tree of Hawaiian Dry and Mesic Forests Jorgensen, Stacy
2013 Lubura-Winchester, Borjana Humanitarian Intervention in Libya: Fighting for Human Rights or for Regime Change? Jones, Reece
2013 McCain, Margaret E. Modeling the Distribution of Santlum Freycinetianum on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi using Bioclimatic Variables, Several Climate Scenarios and MaxEnt Beilman, David
2013 Suka, Rhonda R. Coastal Evolution of a Submerged Bronze Age Landscape at Papadiokampos, Crete (Greece) Sutherland, Ross
2013 Wang, Kuan-Chi Techno-Production Network and Edamame Trade Between Taiwan and Japan Jones, Reece
2012 Barbee, Matthew M. Shoreline change at Mañagaha, Saipan Wingert, Everett
2012 Frazier, Abby G. Month-Year Rainfall Maps of the Hawaiian Islands Giambelluca, Tom
2012 Lyman, Kailikepaokamoana J. Visibility Analysis of Oʻahu Heiau McGranaghan, Matt
2012 Mudd, Ryan G. Heat Storage and Energy Closure in Two Tropical Montane Forests in Hawaiʻi Giambelluca, Tom
2012 Nguyen, David Tourism Development in Okinawa: Spatial and Temporal Patterns McDonald, Mary
2012 Schubert, Olivia Changes in Vegetation and Environment Over the Holocene Kaʻau Crater, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi Beilman, David
2012 Stamoulis, Kostantinos Achilles A Seascape Approach to Investigating Fish Spillover Across a Marine Protected Area Boundary in Hawaiʻi Szuster, Brian
2012 Stender, Yuko Okano Evaluation of Coral Reef Seascape in ʻĀhihi Kīnaʻu, Maui with Perspectives in Landscape Ecology Sutherland, Ross
2011 Barbour, Brandon Rodney Narrative, the Event, and Identity Categories in XinJiang: An Analysis of Discourse in the English Language Media July 2009 Jones, Reece
2011 Belfield, Thomas R. Jakarta: Of Other Spaces Jones, Reece
2011 Bolick, Holly Limited Genetic Structure Among Populations of the Red Pencil Urchin Heterochentrotus mammillatus (L.) From Hawaiʻi and Kingman Reef Stacy Jorgensen
2011 Harahap, Zulhan A. Villager Uses of Mangroves at Dodinga Bay, Western Halmahera, Indonesia Wester, Lyndon
2011 Longman, Ryan Homogenization of Long-Term Solar Radiation Time Series Using a Clear-Sky Radiation Model and Assessment of Solar Radiation Variability at Upper Elevations on Maui, Hawaiʻi Giambelluca, Tom
2011 Ramirez, Adrian E. A Geographic Analysis of Trends in Catch, Catch per Unit of Effort (CPUE) and Value of Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) by the Hawaiʻi Longline Fishery from 1994–2008 McGranaghan, Matt
2010 Preza, Donovan The Empirical Writes Back: Re-examining Hawaiian Dispossession Resulting from the Māhele of 1848 McGranaghan, Matt
2010 Riddle, Ryan N. Remote Sensing Techniques for Classifying the Habitat of an Endangered Bird Species on Mauna Kea Chen, Qi
2010 Romero, Leandro L. II Erasing the Filipina Japayuki: Representations of Entertainers and Human Trafficking Reform in Japanese Newspapers McDonald, Mary
2010 Schmitz, Jonathan M. Rural Dreamscapes: Representations of Heritage in Hawaiʻi's Agritourism Landscapes Goss, Jon
2010 Takahashi, Mami Rainfall Partitioning and Cloud Water Interception in Native and Invaded Forests in Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park Giambelluca, Tom
2009 Albasri, Hatim Site Selection for Sustainable Net Cage Grouper Mariculture in Waters Off Kaledupa Island, Indonesia Szuster, Brian
2009 Co, Dennis E. Using Value Trees as a Means to Explore the Integration of Traditional-Hawaiian Practices and Western Science-Based Approaches of Marine Resource Management in Hawaiʻi Ridgley, Mark
2009 Ghen, Graceson Leigh Cumulative Effects Assessment in Hawaiʻi: An Evaluation of Methods and Practice in Hawaiʻi's EIS System Szuster, Brian
2009 McClure, Bixler P. Assessing Recreational Scuba Diver Perceptions of Crowding Szuster, Brian
2009 Nugroho, Agung Capturing Tiger Habitat: Assessing the Zoning System of Kerinci Seblat National Park Sumatra, Indonesia Wester, Lyndon
2009 Purbaranti, Migraliette U. Temporal and Spatial Impacts of Mining in Kalanaman Watershed, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia and the Local Perspective on Watershed Management Sutherland, Ross
2009 Salosa, Susan Changing Patterns of Plant Use in Ayamaru, South Sorong District, West Irian Jaya (West Papua), Indonesia Wester, Lyndon
2008 Bjornen, Christina A. Spatial Variation in Urban Soil and Road Sediment Trace Metal Concentrations, Mānoa Valley, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi Sutherland, Ross
2008 Fuhriman, Christopher Representations of Landscape in Film: The (Reel) Korean Demilitarized Zone Goss, Jon
2008 Markham, Jesse Wind An Evolving Geography of Sport: The Recruitment and Mobility of Samoan College Football Players 1998–2006 Chapman, Murray
2008 Silver, Joseph R. Global Positioning System and Total Station Field Methods Utilized to Derive the Accuracy of USGS 10-meter Digital Elevation Models on Oʻahu Wingert, Everett
2008 Sinclair, Gwen E. A Survey of Community Water Fluoridation in the United States McGranaghan, Matt
2007 Arcand, Naomi Population Structure of the Hawaiian Tree Fern Cibotium Chamissoi Across Intact and Degraded Forest Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi Wester, Lyndon
2007 Buchert, Martin P. Calibrating a Cellular Automata Model of Land-Use/Land-Cover Change in Southwest China Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process McGranaghan, Matt
2007 Godwin, Lauren S. Risk Assessment of Marine Non-Native Species Introduction to the Main Hawaiian Islands Ridgley, Mark
2007 Gruber, Douglas S. Modeling to Reduce Oil Consumption and Emissions of Green House Gases, Hydrocarbons, and Particulates for the Passenger Land Transport Sector of Bangkok Deborah Woodcock
2007 Hall, Richard L. Using Optimization to Design a Marine Protected Area for a Pelagic Species Ridgley, Mark
2007 Iwamoto, Melissa M. Wisdom in the Basket: Cognitive Mapping and the Articulation of Perceptions and Values Regarding Coastal Resources of Waʻab, Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia Ridgley, Mark
2007 McLeod, Elizabeth Traditional Marine Resource Management in Raja Ampat, Indonesia Szuster, Brian
2007 Rutter, Sarmina The War on Terror: Images of the Enemy "Other" in American News Magazines Goss, Jon
2007 Wilton, Michael K. Data Certainty Representation: An Assessment of Visualization Methods McGranaghan, Matt
2006 Bonning, Robert (Re)Presenting Hawaiʻi: History and Culture in the Discourse of the Waikīkī Historic Trail Goss, Jon
2006 Brumley, Seth Adam Consumption Junction What's Your Function: Convenience Stores in the Japanese Periphery McDonald, Mary
2006 Davis, Kira Attitudes Toward Formal Environmental Education in Higher Education in China: Case Study in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province Chang, Sen-Dou
2006 Evans, Jacqueline T. Political Ecology, Structural Adjustment and Coral Reef Change in the Cook Islands, a Micro-State Murton, Brian
2006 Mertz, Jeffrey (Re)Presentation and Reception of an Adventure Tourism Landscape in Northern Thailand Goss, Jon
2006 Setyowati, Abidah Contesting Terrains: Renegotiating Forest Access in Siberut National Park, Mentawai District, Indonesia Suryanata, Krisna
2006 Wedding, Lisa Michelle Coral Reef Mapping for Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Szuster, Brian
2005 Bauckham, Wendy Keala Putting Traffic Lights on the Roads Less Traveled: Ecotourism Certification and It's Potential for Hawaiʻi Goss, Jon
2005 Beamer, Brenton Kamanamaikalani Huli Ka Palena Murton, Brian
2005 Castagna, Christine N. The 'Wylding' of Te Urewera National Park: Analysis of (Re)Creation Discourses in Godzone (Aotearoa/New Zealand) Murton, Brian
2005 Delay, John K. Canopy Water Balance of an Elfin Cloud Forest at Alakahi, Hawaiʻi Giambelluca, Tom
2005 Hayes-Conroy, Allison Noelle Re-connecting Lives to the Land: Nurturing a Deep Dialogue in Civic Agriculture Goss, Jon
2005 Hoang, Lam Van Ecological Change in Forests Used for Cardamon Production in Northwestern Vietnam Wester, Lyndon
2005 Hotton, Veronica K. Assessment of Trace Element Contamination in Streambed Sediment and Spatial Associations in Pālolo Valley Watershed, Honolulu, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi Sutherland, Ross
2005 James, George R. Predicting the Spatial Pattern of Urban Growth in Honolulu Country Using the Cellular Automata SLEUTH Urban Growth Model McGranaghan, Matt
2005 Lai, Alethea A. Human-Animal: Explorations at the Hyphen Murton, Brian
2005 Lombardo, Michelle Economic Good vs. Public Values: The Consideration of Social Objectives in the Water Privatization Process Ridgley, Mark
2005 McLees, Leslie Ann Pictures of 'Paradise': Understanding Perspectives of Development in the Community of North Kohala Suryanata, Krisna
2005 Smith, William Randolph Accuracy Assessment of Thematic Maps of Hawaiʻi Coral Reef Habitats Based on Image Interpretation from Three Different Types of Remotely Sensed Data Wingert, Everett
2004 Downey, Donna Kuʻulani The Geographic Imaginary In Hawaiian Music Culture Murton, Brian
2004 Galioto, Thomas R. Form and Composition of a Present Day Hawaiian Garden Wester, Lyndon
2004 Koga, Fumie China's South-to-North Water Diversion Scheme: The Geographical Distribution of Environmental and Socioeconomic Consequences Ridgley, Mark
2004 Naupa, Anna Uruknte Negotiating Land Tenure: Cultural Rootedness in Mele, Vanuatu Suryanata, Krisna
2004 Pipes, Ashleigh B. Disaffected Youth in Asian Cities: Singapore as a Model for the Diffusion of the Youth Bulge Effect Fuller, Gary
2004 Uchino, Kanako Long-term Ecological Impacts of Dredging on Coral Reefs in Kāneʻohe Bay, Oʻahu Sutherland, Ross
2003 Fielding, Emily Feral Goats, People, and Land Degradation on the South Slope of Haleahalā, Maui, Hawaiʻi Suryanata, Krisna
2003 Guilbeaux, Michael Dale The Status, Use, and Management of Sea Turtles in the Republic of Palau, Micronesia: Understanding Stakeholder Perception to Aid in Conservation McDonald, Mary
2003 Kinnan, Kevin The Macadamia Nut Industry of Hawaiʻi: Localization and Globalization McDonald, Mary
2003 Lillich, Georgina Unearthing Sweet Water: A Case Study on Commitment to Participatory Processes on the Island of Oʻahu Suryanata, Krisna
2003 Myhre, Joel Kristopher Smallholders and the market: A GIS-Based Study of Coffee Farmers in Kona Hawaiʻi 1992–2002 McDonald, Mary
2003 Nagel, Jeffrey The Influence of Non-Native, Monotypic Forest Plantations on Soil Hydrologic Properties Within the Honolulu Preserve, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi Giambelluca, Tom
2003 Wentner, Lissa Spreading the Light: Capacity Building for Community Based Development on Atauro Island, East Timor Goss, Jon
2002 Andrews, Stephanie Heavy Metal Pollution in the Nuʻuanu Watershed: Aquatic and Roadside Sediments Sutherland, Ross
2002 Butera, Treena Using Landscape Metrics to Compare Environmental Spatial Characteristics of Two Protected Area Networks on Flores Island, Indonesia Wingert, Everett
2002 Del Aguila, Aimee N Reflections from a Development Project: Analyzing and Learning from 'Proyecto Decision' in Tamaulipas, Mexico and Soyapango, El Salvador. Goss, Jon
2002 Garcia, Shirley Naomi Kanani E nā hālau hula, nana kākou iā Laka (Look to the Source): Finding Balance Between the Practice of Hula Forest Gathering and the Ecological Realities of Hawaiʻi's Native Forests Murton, Brian
2002 Larkin, Eric Radiation Balance Over Forested and Agricultural Sites in Northern Thailand Giambelluca, Tom
2002 Lyons, Sharon Determining Distribution and Habitat Preferences of the Nēnē Population on Kauaʻi: Specifically the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge Wingert, Everett
2002 Rose, Adam D. The Paradox of Protected Natural Area Landscapes: An Interpretation of Kaʻena Point Natural Area Reserve, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi as a Gardened Space Murton, Brian
2002 Watson, Sandra S. The Transformation of the Landscape in Waimea, Hawaiʻi: Pre-Human Era to 1860 Murton, Brian
2001 Esmond, Jeffrey User Interaction, 3D Terrain and Rotation in a Dynamic Cartographic Viewing Environment McGranaghan, Matt
2001 Pramano, Albertus Liberating or Disciplining?: A Comparison of the Impacts of State Mapping and Participatory Mapping to Indigenous Territoriality in Indonesia Suryanata, Krisna
2001 Rodgers, Kuʻulei S. Quantitative Evaluation of Tramping Effects on Hawaiʻi's Coral Reefs Wingert, Everett
2001 Wanger, Jolie Appreciation of a Place: Interpretive Education and Conservation at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Hawaiʻi Suryanata, Krisna
2000 Dixon, Susan The Structural Contradictions of Aid Diplomacy: a Case Study of Japan's ODA To Pacific Island States. McDonald, Mary
2000 Egan, John The Use of Spatial Information in Representing Traditional and Customary Resource Rights in the Courtroom Murton, Brian
2000 Mikami, Clinton An Investigation of Soil Erodibility Indices Under Forest Plantations of Eucalyptus Robusta and Melaleuca Quinquenervia, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi Sutherland, Ross
1999 Evans, Bradley M. Simulating Polynesian Double-Hulled Canoe Voyaging: Combining Remotely-Sensed and Experimental Data Finney, Ben R.
1999 Menard, Trae P. Ecological and Hydrological Effects of a Rainless Period On a Montane Cloud Forest Treeline on Haleakalā, Maui Giambelluca, Tom
1999 Morrison, Rebecca L. From Policy to Demography: Shifting Ethnic Identification in the People's Republic of China, 1982–1990 Fuller, Gary
1999 O'Neal, Erin Ecotourists and Mass Tourists in Maui: A Critical Examination of Distinction in Tourism Goss, Jon
1999 Oliveira, Katrina-Ann Ohuʻohu ʻo Kahakuloa kuʻu kulāiwi Murton, Brian
1999 Roberts, Lucile M. An Application of Locality Theory to the Study of a Pacific Island State: Tourism in Palau Chapman, Murray
1998 Ackley, Betsy Regional Patterns of Contemporary Global Fertility Decline: Trends and Exceptions. Fuller, Gary
1998 Kapp, Drew Pictorial Representations of Hawaiʻi: A Critique of Cultural Landscape Imagery Produced by European Artists in Hawaiʻi, 1778–1820 Goss, Jon
1998 Kennedy, Randall W. A Survey of Resource Managers Attitudes and Administrative Policy Concerning Feral Pig Control in Wildland Areas of Hawaiʻi Wester, Lyndon
1998 Lam, Peter Landowner's Response to State Development Plans: Production of Uneven Development in Kakaʻako, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi McDonald, Mary
1998 Louis, Renee Pualani The Authoritative Textualization of Hawaiian Place Names McGranaghan, Matt
1998 Lumpkin, Christina Using Cognitive Maps to Examine Scientific Dispute in Decision-Making: A Case Study of the Waiāhole Ditch Controversy Ridgley, Mark
1998 Shier, Anita The Effect of Channelization and Clearing of Riparian Vegetation on Temperatures of Two Streams on the Island of Oʻahu Woodcock, Deborah
1997 Berkowitz, Steven Paul A New Approach to an Old Problem: Using Optimization to Explore Oʻahu's Land-Use and Water-Resource Conflicts Ridgley, Mark
1997 Clouet, Craig Measuring the Accuracy of USGS 1:24000 Digital Elevation Models Using The Global Positioning System Wingert, Everett
1997 Holdren, Jill At the Crossroads of Gender, Place, Science and Medicine: an Exploration of Changing Health Care Attitudes and Behavior Lewis, Nancy
1997 Marek, Serge Waikīkī Virtual Reality: Space, Place, and Representation in the Waikīkī Master Plan Goss, Jon
1997 Sherwood, Vaughn G. Occurrence and Habitat of the Relict Population of the Oʻahu ʻElepaio Wester, Lyndon
1997 Wagner, Sean Tenrikyo: The Establishment and Legitimization of Sacred Space in Tenri City, Japan McDonald, Mary
1997 Wegner, Michael B. Development and Evaluation of an Agroecosystem Rating Matrix and its Application to Systems Analysis of a Windward Oʻahu Watershed and Farming System Murton, Brian
1997 Wesner, Ben The Legal Geography of Marijuana In Hawaiʻi: Power, Politics, and Pakalolo Goss, Jon
1996 Bailey, Keiron D. Power Politics and Urban Development in Honolulu: The Urban Resort in the Making Goss, Jon
1996 Besio, Kathryn Mountain Heirs: Western Imaginings of Sherpa Children in the Khumbu, Nepal Murton, Brian
1996 Lash, Sharon L. Meridians in the Margins: An Exploration of Alternative Medicine Through A Case Study of Acupuncture Practice on Oʻahu Lewis, Nancy
1996 Stone, Richard Mapmaking with Resource-Grade GPS Receivers: Fundamentals of Accuracy Evaluation Wingert, Everett
1996 Tanaka, Darrel T. Detecting Lava Tubes Using the Inverse Linear Relation Between Total Intensity of the Geomagnetic Field at the Surface and Effective Chord Length along Magnetic Inclination in the Lava Tube Wingert, Everett
1995 Evans, Christopher W. Sewage Diversion and the Coral Reef Community of Kāneʻohe Bay, Hawaiʻi: 1970–1990 Wester, Lyndon
1995 Kerr, Carrie E. Proposed vs. Actual Environmental Education in the Secondary Schools on Oʻahu Wester, Lyndon
1995 Mustafa, Danish Policy Implications of Flood Hazard in Pakistan: A Study in Risk, Exposure, Vulnerability and Response, in the Context of Global Climate Change Murton, Brian
1995 Parrish, Frank A. GIS Assisted Spatial Analysis of Windward Oʻahu's Juvenile, Deepwater Snappers (Pristipomoides filamentosus) McGranaghan, Matt
1995 Russell-Alakai, Rebecca A Survival of Interests: Sustainable Yield and Correlative Rights and their Role in the Development and Implementation of Groundwater Law in Hawaiʻi Sutherland, Ross
1995 Shannon, Sequoia Delimitation of Ocean Space for Marine Resource Management in the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands Morgan, Joseph
1995 Tran, Liem T. Relationship Between the Inversion and Rainfall on the Island of Maui Giambelluca, Tom
1994 Barnes, Claire Identity and Domestic Space: The Nineteenth Century American Mission to Hawaiʻi Lewis, Nancy
1994 Bean, Christine Evaporation on a Tropical Mountain: Mauna Loa, Hawaiʻi. Giambelluca, Tom
1994 Cusick, John Environmental History of Kīpahulu District, Halekalā National Park, Maui, Hawaiʻi Sutherland, Ross
1994 Dunfield, Fraser J. The Perception of the Quality of Health Care and the Utilization of Non-Conventional Care Murton, Brian
1994 Fang, Tao Distance Descriptions in Fuzzy Logic Wingert, Everett
1994 Minyard, William The Relationship of Vegetation Distribution to Water Availability Above the Trade Wind Inversion on the West Slope of East Maui, Hawaiʻi Giambelluca, Tom
1994 Orcutt, Anne M. Island Resource Management: Who, What, and Where: A Case Study of Yap Proper, Federated States of Micronesia Morgan, Joseph
1993 Allison, Amanda L. The Role of Informal Information in Family Planning Acceptance in Rural Northeastern Thailand Fuller, Gary
1993 Chai, David Keliʻi A Biophysical Inventory and Assessment of Anchialine Pools Along the Waiākea Coast, Hilo, Hawaiʻi Juvik, James
1993 Elmer, Nancy Interpretations of Vulnerability to Famine: A Realist Approach to Research Murton, Brian
1993 Maigret, Maryanne B. Map Use and Ethics in Coastal Erosion Hazard Management Wingert, Everett
1993 O'Connell, Robin G. Rural Township Enterprises and the Appropriation of Rural Resources Jiangsu Province, PRC Chang, Sen-Dou
1993 Rush, Randall A. An Endangered Transported Landscape: Laotian and Tongan Communities at Kahuku, Oʻahu Murton, Brian
1993 Smith, Amy E. The Movement Patterns of Dual Income Families: The Case of Honolulu, Hawaiʻi Fuller, Gary
1993 Yu, Tiang Age Structure Transition of China's Population: Regional Differentials and Implications for Development Policy Fuller, Gary
1992 Fendrick, Peter Visual Interpretation of a Summer Landscape: Seward, Alaska Murton, Brian
1992 Freeman, William E. Agricultural Water Use Requirements for the Hoʻolehua Plain Island of Molokaʻi, Hawaiʻi Giambelluca, Tom
1991 Chow, Jonathan Effects of Line Complexity on Manual Digitization Wingert, Everett
1991 Copeland, Steven The Public Trust Doctrine and Natural Resource Management Murton, Brian
1991 Foley, Paul Hejrat: The Migration of Afghan Refugees to Pakistan 1978–1990 Chapman, Murray
1991 Hansen, James M. Prospects for Improved Energy Sector Management in the Independent Island Nations of the Pacific Murton, Brian
1991 Hayes, David Cost Benefit Analysis of Geothermal Power Development on The Big Island Wingert, Everett
1991 Hoof, Allen Bathymetric Mapping of Recreational Scuba Diving Sites Wingert, Everett
1991 Lan, Pi-Wei The Effects of Complexity and Experience on the Form of the Mental Image of a Dot Map Wingert, Everett
1991 Lindquist, Bruce Systems and Social Process of International Movement from the Philippines Chapman, Murray
1991 Moore, Ryland L. Edible Oil Plants of the Tropics Wester, Lyndon
1990 Bailey, Jodi L. The Image and Beyond: A Study of Place, Perception and Preservation Murton, Brian
1990 Butler, Joan A. Spatial Patterns of Age Structure and Political Instability in India Fuller, Gary
1990 Des Rochers, Kim Women's Fishing on Kosrae Island, Federated States of Micronesia: the Effects of Cultural, Social, and Technological Change on Women's Use of the Nearshore Zone Lewis, Nancy
1990 Grady, Mary Human Impact on Ecological Degradation in the Andes Mountains Murton, Brian
1990 Greene, John Scott Raingauge Network Selection in Queensland, Australia: Application to Satellite Rainfall Estimation Models Giambelluca, Tom
1990 Rigler, Malia Ann Land Tenure and Land Use in the Ahupuaʻa of Moanalua, Oʻahu During the Great Māhele, 1848–1855 Murton, Brian
1990 Schroeder, John Comparison of Two Methods for Teaching Introductory Physical Geography Pitts, Forrest
1989 Colburn, Susan Farm to Market Linkages: Hawaiian Home Lands and Resort Developments, Waimea, Hawaiʻi Fuller, Gary
1989 Eisen, Thomas Howard Towards Managing the Coastal Recreational Resources at the Old Airport, Kona, Hawaiʻi Morgan, Joseph
1989 Exo, Scott Territory, Environment and Rural Development in the Middle Hills of Nepal Murton, Brian
1989 Kusaka, Sae Deconstruction of Maps Wingert, Everett
1989 Park, Kyu Teug Korean Immigrants' Attitudes and Behaviors Towards Energy Problems and Conservation Measures Pitts, Forrest
1989 Rogala, Joseph S. Highways as Barriers to the Movement of Large Animals Wester, Lyndon
1989 Smaalders, Mark People, Place, and Planning: Phenomenology and Human-Environment Interaction, with Reference to the San Juan Islands Lewis, Nancy
1989 Tabata, Raymond S. The Use of Nearshore Dive Sites by Hawaiʻi's Recreational Dive Industry Morgan, Joseph
1989 Underhill, Yvonne J. Population Mobility as a Household Strategy: The Case of Manihiki Atoll, Cook Islands Chapman, Murray
1989 Welch, Ivan South Asia and Geostrategic Region: 1947 to 1990 Morgan, Joseph
1988 Falkenmayer, Karen E. Demography Pattern and Structure in an Introduced Avifauna: Estrildids on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi Wester, Lyndon
1988 Herman, R. Douglas K. Mind and Earth: A Geography of Being Pitts, Forrest
1988 Kim, Wook-Joong Farmers' Perception of and Adjustment to Typhoon Hazards on Cheju Island, Korea Street, John
1988 King, Diana L. Impact on Ground Water Resources of the Conversion from Furrow Drip Irrigation in the Hawaiian Sugar Industry Giambelluca, Tom
1988 Mittelman, Andrew Collaborative Planning for Development and Conservation with a Case Study from Northern Thailand Street, John
1988 Newman, Audrey L. Mapping and Monitoring Vegetation Change on Laysan Island Wingert, Everett
1988 Togolo, Melchior P. Mineral Related Revenues and Provincial Governments: A Case of the North Solomon's Provincial Government Murton, Brian
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