Summer/Fall 2017 Efforts


  1. Post Funding Opportunities page
  2. Email ALL grad students with MA and PhD pages .. ask to join.
  3. Finalize DRAFT version of ALL Graduate forms.

Dept. Background

  1. Update and post Department History
  2. Post Newsletters
  3. Emeritus
  4. Instructors, Post-doc researchers, Adjunct faculty, Affiliated Faculty, Cooperating Faculty

Social Media

  1. Dept. Faculty and Student news feed
  2. Merge the 3 Facebook pages into 1 group
  3. Add hundreds of photos to Instagram
  4. Create Social Media Policy


  1. Offer faculty opportunity to update page
  2. Add new faculty member


  1. Create Website Maintenance Plan
  2. Consider Research Map tool
  3. Alumni Email List and Sign-up forms
  4. syllabi


Undergraduate Students

Active Undergraduate Students

Spring 2016. Will consider posting students for promotional reasons.
Undergraduate Alumni

Names added to graduate list in January, June, and September
Names given to GEOG by ACCESS. They have BEST data.

Graduate Students

Active MA and PhD Students

When are the Active lists updated?
MA and PhD Alumni

When are successful degree recipients added?
Alumni are removed from Active MA and PhD Students listing (above)